About the Maxlead Academy

In 2014, Maxlead started the Maxlead Academy, a training programme for talented, young online marketers. Participants are put through a rigorous 6-month on-the-job training programme and are coached to become skilled online consultants. The training programme consists of a wide range of online training sessions and workshops held by Maxlead’s experienced online consultants.

Information and registration

The training sessions take place at the Maxlead office in Oegstgeest – usually on Fridays – and take up a half or a whole day. There are training sessions for beginners and advanced sessions. Participation in the Maxlead Academy training programme is open to all Maxlead relations.
You can register for any of the training sessions by sending an email to academy@www2.maxlead.com. Please don’t forget to include the name of the training session, your name, and your organisation. You will receive confirmation of your registration as soon as possible.