Content creation and copywriting

One problem that organisations often have is that there are not always sufficient resources available to optimise existing texts and to create new content.
Maxlead’s content team provides a comprehensive solution for the optimisation of the texts on your website; from category and product texts for web shops, to blog articles, interviews, and informative content, to fully detailed content strategies.

What does Maxlead do exactly?

Our Content Marketing consultants know what is required to make your website easier to find in search engines. Because of this expertise, we work with professional copywriters. For example, for our clients, we write texts tailored to website visitors and ensure increased visibility in search engines. The Maxlead consultant is your contact person and makes sure that the objectives are achieved and deadlines are met.

Who writes your (content) texts?

We work with specialised and experienced copywriters. They are native speakers of the language they write in and work on the basis of detailed briefings. Our copywriters are supported and managed by our consultants. Together, they provide content that is not only easily legible for your website visitors, but also contributes to more visibility in search engines.

What is our procedure?

We can’t write content tailored to your organisation and customers just like that. First, our SEO consultants interview you, so that they are then able to brief the copywriters correctly. These briefings can be done in different ways:
Step 1 – We talk: our activities are based on your input. The people in your organisation are also an indispensable source of ideas for unique and valuable content.
Step 2 – Planning: achieving goals through strategic planning. We draw up a clear and achievable roadmap.
Step 3 – Finding the right writers: is the planning complete? Then it’s time to find the right people. We look for the most suitable copywriters that are a good match for your organisation and that write using the correct tone-of-voice.
Step 4 – Checking and editing: before your new content goes online we go through a vigorous editing process together. We fine-tune until the texts are perfect, which also prepares us for subsequent texts.
Step 5 – Reporting and measurement: our reports give us insight into the results of our content strategy and show us whether our goals have been met.
Step 6 – On to the next level. Have your content goals been met? Then we can take the next step in Content Marketing.