Technical Implementation

Once you have decided to base your decisions on data, it is crucial that this data is reliable and accurate. Of course, an exact representation of reality is (still) a pipe dream, but a strategy based on 80-90% accuracy is superior to a strategy based on gut feelings. We are specialised in measuring behaviour on the web, on the mobile web, and in mobile apps.

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

We are specialised in measuring and analysing behaviour on websites and in apps. We use Google Tag Manager to measure behaviour and collect data. Using Google Analytics, we visualise this data and analyse behaviour. Specifically for apps, we also use Firebase Analytics and Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps.

Organisation-specific data

First, you will probably want to know how many users use your website or app, how often they return, where they come from, which pages they visit, and whether they complete a purchase or another objective. A logical second step is to formulate and measure all milestones on the way to this main objective and all other objectives of your website. This will give you a better overview of your users’ customer journey and will allow you to target specific user groups.
In addition, it would be interesting to add data specific to your organisation to the Google Analytics data. For example, you can use the ID of users who log on to your website to identify the behaviour of specific users on your websites and apps.


By using the ID of users who log on to your website, you will gain insight into how these users use their various devices during the customer journey. This gives you insight into whether, for example, a user first views a product on the mobile phone and then later purchases the product via a desktop. This creates a better view of the number of people that use your website or app and allows you to better assess devices, in particular those used in the early stages of the customer journey.


In addition to Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Firebase Analytics, we also specialise in the following tools:

  • Qualitative data:
  • A/B and multivariate testing:
    Google Optimize
    Visual Website Optimizer
  • Dashboarding:
    Google Data Studio

These are more than enough tools to give your organisations valuable insights!