Lead Management with Maxlead Manager

Do you know exactly which leads are coming into your company and how effective the lead follow-up is? And, more importantly, what the quality is of the leads you generate online? It is often difficult for marketing managers to find answers to these questions. For those who want to know the answers, Maxlead Manager provides a solution.
The Maxlead Manager’s core tasks

  • Lead distribution within the company to branches or departments
  • Lead distribution to dealers and resellers
  • Insights into ROI of marketing and sales costs
  • Lead management process: processing & reports

All incoming leads automatically sent to the right person

Maxlead Manager is a powerful tool for the distribution and processing of lead flows. Companies receive a large number of quotation and lead requests via web pages. These must be distributed to departments/branches or dealers/resellers – often all over the world. Maxlead Manager links the leads to the nearest branch or dealer on the basis of geographical information (Google Maps). If your business operates internationally, communication – with consumers and dealers – is fully automated and in the local language.

How does your dealer network perform?

International companies use Maxlead Manager mainly to gain or maintain control of the performance of their dealer channels. They remain informed of the status and processing of quotations and lead requests. This makes the performance of dealers much more transparent. Maxlead runs international online campaigns for producers of leading brands and makes transparent how well or poorly dealers manage invested marketing euros.

Determining the value of a lead

Unlike in web shops, it is not immediately clear what the value of a lead is in online lead generation. In some cases, months go by between the first contact and the final purchase. Marketing often has no idea what happens to the leads, let alone what they have yielded. Were they quality leads, or not? Which channels brought in good leads and which brought in poor leads? This information is of great value.

Better returns from your marketing budget

Maxlead Manager offers insight into the returns from your marketing budget. Maxlead Manager links the data that leads leave on your website to data from Google Analytics and data from your back office. This gives you insight into the entire process – from orientation to purchase – and enables you to optimise your marketing channels. Not on the basis of campaigns that produce the most leads, but on the basis of campaigns that actually result in valuable customers.
Marketers are currently limited in the analysis of campaigns because most CRM software does not offer (inexpensive/simple) integration with Google Analytics. Maxlead Manager is easy to link to your CRM system and will offer you all sorts of new ROI information.

These companies have opted for Maxlead Manager

Hunter Douglas (Luxaflex), Accell (Batavus, Sparta), Koninklijke Bibliotheek, DRU Fires, Reed Business, TomTom Telematics, Schipper Kozijnen, Ploeg Kozijnen, Ruiter Dakkapellen, Mobility4All, Tentoo, Covebo Uitzendgroep, Graydon, IPD Opleidingen, VSB Welness, Openhaardhoutgigant (Leylines).

Technical and functional information

  • SAAS solution
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface
  • Configurator for easy updating
  • Direct archiving of incoming emails and documents under the lead
  • Set-up of actions based on a status or change
  • Automatic sending of emails and quotations
  • Email templates and connection to MailChimp, Mailplus, and SendinBlue
  • Marketing automation functionality: assigning value to leads based on interaction
  • Link to CRM systems
  • Well-organised dashboards (Google Data Studio) and transparent reports