Automated SEA

Maxlead devises smart solutions and works with innovative tooling to be as effective as possible. We automate activities that can be automated so that our people can focus on their strengths. This leaves room for critical evaluations and meetings at your location.
Where possible, we let algorithms handle the management of the bids. We have developed our own reporting software, we continually check the validity of destination URLs, and we run scripts to monitor the quality of the campaigns. We automate campaign management with best-in-class tooling and develop this further for specific client cases. With the help of technology, Maxlead consultants can achieve the objectives of our clients.

  • Do you have a wide range of products in your webshop?
  • Do you offer your products or services in many different countries?
  • Does your product range vary in terms of price or inventory and do you want this to be reflected in your ads?
  • Does your organisation put a great deal of time into manual campaign management in Ads?
  • Do you achieve high conversion volumes and has management of the CPC bids become too complex?

Automated SEA campaigns

Automation of campaigns is essential for large advertisers. Setting up campaigns for a wide variety of products is almost impossible to do manually. With the help of scripts, rules, API links, and tooling, we succeed in running relevant, well presented campaigns for smaller and larger advertisers.
Using product feeds, we set up campaigns that create and update automated keywords and ads. For example, the ads are paused when a product’s stock is running low. Prices can also be altered dynamically in the text of the ad. We call this Feed-based advertising.

Software and tooling

Maxlead uses best-in-class software and tooling. This includes the following solutions: Channable, AdCore, Omnia Retail, DoubleClick Search, Marin Software, Acquisio, MediaPlex, Ignition One, and the Adobe stack. These tools can manage campaigns for multiple search engines. For example, Ads and Bing/Yahoo, but also Yandex or Baidu.
Management of CPC bids is known as bid management. It is used for clients with high conversion volumes where algorithms are better at managing the bids than clever campaign managers. A number of the aforementioned software solutions can facilitate this. Maxlead recommends working with DoubleClick Search or Ads’ own ‘Smart Bidding’ bid management solution.
Where possible, Maxlead’s software engineers build their own solutions. For example, we link legacy back-end systems to online campaigns and make information in a PIM or CRM accessible. For this, we build custom software that works with the Ads API. Our systems also perform a daily check of all our campaigns for incorrect landing pages and our own reporting system draws up custom reports that combine search engine marketing insights with the client’s data.
Want to know more about automated SEA and the benefits for your online campaigns? Contact Arjan ter Huurne.