Analyses and scans

Do you want to now how well search engines find and display your website? Our SEO scan tells you what to improve to gain a greater advantage from organic traffic. Based on action points, we draw up a roadmap of priorities and an impact vs. effort matrix. This allows you to tackle points of improvement quickly and efficiently.

The Maxlead SEO scan consist of research into:

  1. Technology
    The objective is ensure that the website is technically in order, so that spiders can reach, crawl, and index all pages and do not have to view duplicate pages unnecessarily.
  2. Navigation and site structure
    Is the link value led through the site in the correct way? Are important pages buried unnecessarily deep in the website? The goal is to structure the website correctly, with each page in the right location.
  3. Content
    Does your website use the right title tags, meta descriptions, and headers? And is the content relevant to and interesting for the reader?
  4. The link profile
    The link profile is extremely important. Which websites currently linkt to your site and why?

All points of improvement in a roadmap

The points of improvement are included in a roadmap; a plan for the coming months. Initially, the phased approach focusses on quick wins, and at a later stage on more long-term modifications. This ensures that you can easily oversee our collaboration.