SEO for mobile

Do you want to make your website mobile-friendly? Are you considering a Progressive Web App for your web shop? Or do you want to invest in AMP? Maxlead will gladly help you find and develop the right mobile solution for your product.

AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages

Does your website have a blog? Or do you publish other unusual content? Then you won’t be able to get around AMP. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages: a stripped-down form of HTML to prevent using all manner of scripts that may decrease load speed. AMP improves your chance of a prominent position in Google’s results.

PWA: Progressive Web Apps

Google is dedicated to the promotion of Progressive Web Apps: a mix between a native app and a website. These PWAs are easier for the user to install. You don’t have to go to an app store, but rather you save the web app from the website to the desktop of your smartphone or tablet.

More users with app indexing

If your app can be indexed by Google, this gives you a great advantage. Users that have installed the app will see it come up in the search results of their smartphone (when a relevant search query for the app is entered, of course). If you have installed the Airbnb app and are searching for a hotel in a specific location, Google will display results that you can open directly in the app. So it is a big plus to keep the use of your app as high as possible!