Technical SEO

Technology is one of the most important pillars of SEO. If your website is not technically in order, search engines and, therefore, your visitors won´t be able to find it. So it´s important to have everything in order in terms of technology. Maxlead can optimise your website technically, but is also a useful link between you and your developer.

Site speed optimisation

A fast website is not only nice for your visitors, search engines also find it important. Do pages take long to load? If so, customers may decide to cut a visit to your site short. In addition, site speed and page speed are taken into account in Google’s value assessment. The faster your website, the better. Maxlead can improve the speed of your website in collaboration with your developer.

Website migration

The migration, or move, of a website is not to be underestimated. If you don’t carry out a migration project correctly, you can lose a lot of traffic and conversions. Good preparation really is half the battle. Maxlead helps you to migrate your website. This includes from http to https, or moving your old website to a completely new domain. A new CMS can also affect organic traffic.

Supervising the new website

Building a new website is an excellent opportunity to make it more search engine friendly. This will save you time and money. Maxlead serves as an advisory party during the building of the website. Every day, our team of SEO specialists focusses on organic findability and search engine friendly websites. They know exactly where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them. Maxlead has the expertise to help you communicate with website builders. And, of course, to ensure that your new website is displayed correctly in the search results of (for example) Google.
By involving Maxlead’s SEO specialists in the building of a new website, you will be certain that your are making optimum use of the knowledge of all parties.
What can you expect from Maxlead when building a new website?

  • The design of the hierarchical structure of the website
  • The design of an optimal URL structure.
  • The assessment of templates (design)
  • Identifying the requirements for the set-up of the Content Management Systeem (CMS)
  • Detailing a correct migration plan, so that accumulated authority is not lost
  • Monitoring the correct implementation prior to and after going live