Successful international expansion

Does your company do business in several countries? Or are you considering expansion to foreign markets? Carefully orchestrating your international online marketing efforts can lead to substantial profits. The things we learn in one country can often be used for better results in other countries as well. If you want your multilingual website to be found by search engines or if you want to launch paid campaigns in several countries, you will have to take international SEO and SEA requirements into account.

As a strategic online marketing partner, Maxlead has been working internationally for years. Our multilingual campaigns run in more than 40 countries. This work is made easier by our contacts within the Everywhere Network.

What is the Everywhere Network? And what does it have to do with Maxlead?

The Everywhere Network

The Everywhere Network is an international network of independent online marketing agencies in Europe and beyond. Most of these agencies are full service and each has their own specialisations and international know how. The added value of this network is the cumulative in-depth knowledge of local markets. The agencies get information about which foreign markets present the best opportunities for their clients. This information also entails specifications on dealing with local laws and regulations or on how to tackle cultural and language differences. We also share knowledge about the latest trends and developments in various countries, and exchange local resources such as copywriters and translators. For localisation, a network like this is indispensable. The Everywhere Network has enabled Maxlead to be even more successful in international markets.

The exchange of knowledge takes place throughout the year, and sometimes two or more members of the Network work together on projects for international clients. The CEOs of the agencies meet twice a year and product owners meet regularly to talk about specific topics.

Digital Analytics Support Europe

Within the network we also see opportunities to better align supply and demand in the field of digital analytics. There are more technical and IT-related degree programmes on offer in Central and Eastern Europe. Technical digital specialists are in great demand in Western Europe, which is why Maxlead and Morefire (German partner) founded DASE (Digital Analytics Support Europe) in Bratislava, Slovakia, at the end of 2016. Following the launch of DASE, Maxlead also set up the International Analytics Academy to train junior analytics consultants from various nationalities to become fully-fledged data specialists.

Recent expansion

The network started as a cooperation between Maxlead and Morefire (Germany). Then Visibility (Slovakia), The Rebellion (South Africa) and Ad’s Up (France) joined in. During the last meeting in Cologne, Ydigitial Asia (Singapore) and TopMedia (Latvia) also signed up to be part of the Network. Contacts were also made with parties in China, Spain and Scandinavia, among others, who will soon join this international network.

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